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Book Review: Lean Hospitals

Mark Graban’s “Lean Hospitals” is a must-read for any hospital going through a Lean transformation.  I recommend it for all staff and not just leadership.

I am an internal consultant in a Lean hospital.  One of the biggest challenges is helping clinical staff understand how stuff from the automotive industry and manufacturing is relevant to their work.  Mark’s book provides descriptions and case examples that tie the Lean philosophy and tools directly to hospital work.

A strength of the book is the realistic way to approach Lean in a hospital.  There are many nuances for standardized work that are valuable.  Wastes are identified as things people in hospitals experience.  Mark points out common issues faced by hospitals if you are looking for a place to start.  I can not emphasize enough how many valuable tidbits are throughout this book.

Leaders will get a lot from this book.  Lean requires management to change in order to support front-line improvements.  Mark provides many concrete things leaders can do to make their journey successful. 

The continued focus of  patient needs and employee engagement drives all aspects of the book.  This brings purpose behind everything else that is explained.  This book will help drive valuable change for hospitals.

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Want To Know More About Visual Workplaces?

I have been writing a lot about the power of communicating with visuals.  I am now looking to learn more about visual workplaces and visual management displays. 

I recently discovered Gwendolyn D. Galsworth, Ph.D from visualworkplace.com who was just in Seattle the week before I found out about her.  I hope she comes back soon!  It appears she has some great books and training products that I will be exploring soon.

Mark Graban at leanblog.orgrecently interviewed her in a couple of 25 minute podcasts: Podcast #45 and Podcast #49.  The interviews are very thought-provoking and stirs up my creative juices.  Check out these podcasts if you would like to dip your toes into the waters of visual workplaces!

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