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Toyota Trouble

The Check-Engine light came on my Toyota last Friday.  We brought the car into a Toyota service center on the same morning.  They advised us the needed part will not be in until the following Tuesday (2 biz days later).

I was surprised by the wait time for the part.  A car service center reminds me of hospital service.  Patients do not want to wait two days for something to arrive before they can be helped.  I am not advocating inventory, but their parts supplier sure were not ready “just in time”.

Everything I read about Toyota talks about the great partnership with their suppliers.  I am starting to think this is just on the production side of their business.  The service side still needs a little work!

To be fair, the service center gave us a courtesy car and were incredibly friendly.  The repair is done and the car works great now.  Being new to TPS, I expected a faster part delivery.

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