Other Blog Writer Posts By Subject

I use Google Reader to read from the blogosphere.  I have begun classifying articles by subject mostly for my own reference later.  I hope these are valuable for you. 

The posts collected are dynamic will constantly be updated so feel free to check back often.  Some articles will overlap into each category.  Even more importantly, visit the blogs directly if you find an article interesting!

Lean – This is a catch-all of all Lean bloggers I am following

Lean Culture – Articles focused primarily on Lean Culture

Benchmarking and Lean Thinking – Articles discussing benchmarking

Change Management (Not necessarily Lean) – Other change management authors not specificially discussing Lean

Data – How data is used in Lean

Deming – Articles that mention W. Edwards Deming

Gemba – Blog posts regarding the importance of going to the place where the work is done

Jidoka – Articles discussing Jidoka

Knowledge Workers – Articles about knowledge workers and 21st century workplaces

Management By Objective versus Lean Management – Discussions around the difference between Lean Management and Management By Objective (MBO)

Quality – Quality related articles (may be more than just Lean authors)

Standardized Work – Articles about thinking and application of Standardized Work in a Lean environment

Strategy Deployment – Articles about strategy deployment


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