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Does Respect Even Happen?

Every organization seems to have RESPECT as a value but how often do you see disrespect in the workplace?

I am sure everybody has seen co-workers rag about someone they work with daily but this happens on a managerial level as well.  I knew a manager who would make fun of people when they left the conference room!

I know we can not change the world and should only focus on what we can control.  I firmly believe respect can be catching.  I had a past supervisor begin to make fun of someone but stopped and said he knew I never did that.  Our actions can influence others!

Here are some tips for being seen as a respectful person:

  • Always talk respectfully to and about everybody.
  • If you have frustration about someone and you need to vent, do it in private with a trusted friend or manager.  Ask for solutions for how you can deal with it.  Don’t just make it a gripe session.
  • Have hard conversations with the people that bug you.  Find out what needs to be done to make things better.

Be the person who steps up and takes the steps to create a culture of change.  Demonstrating respect will inspire others to do the same.

PS – “Respect for people” is the second pillar of lean.  Check out Kevin Meyer’s great article Just a Bowl of Brains for an example involving Lockheed Martin.

PSS – (Newly added 2-4-08) – Check out Jon Miller’s Exploring the “Respect for People” Principle of the Toyota Way for an incredible analysis of this pillar.

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Own It

One piece of advice for project managers:  own it!

I come from a functional organization where I have heard project managers or team-members give excuses that I do not accept. 

I recently worked with a PM who advised me she will “do the best she can do” but I should know how hard it is to get people to do things when they don’t report to you.  Another advised me there is no update becase so-and-so hasn’t responded to their email.  I will admit functional organizations are difficult, but this kind of attitude will affect your approach to managing the project.

If you take full responsibility for project success or failure, you will work harder and be creative to make it succeed.  This is what I call owning it!

Project Managers should be seen as people who can get things done even if they are difficult.  You will develop tenacity when you own it and gain a reputation of being results-driven.

Yoda said it best,  “Do or do not, there is no try”.

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