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A C.O.W. Tale

Does your hospital have a system to ensure nurses have working equipment or they know how to get them fixed?

I recently visited a hospital where the answer would be “NO”. 

Last week, a family member needed a day surgery procedure done at a local hospital.  There were signs in the prep/recovery room touting their move to electronic medical records and no longer needing paper charts.  The problem for the nurse was, the Computer On Wheels (C.O.W.) did not work.  The nurse was unable to access or update the electronic chart!

A second nurse came in during the morning before the procedure to try to troubleshoot the malfunctioning C.O.W.  It was decided to grab a C.O.W. from another room and use it instead.  I am not sure if other nurses had to search for the missing C.O.W. now that it has been moved into our room where it sat there for four hours.  A third nurse eventually pulled it away to put back where it belonged.

The first nurse came back in and tried to access the original C.O.W. in our room and commented “This still doesn’t work yet?”

I looked at the C.O.W. and there was no signage about how to troubleshoot or who to call.  I do not know if a nurse tried calling their helpdesk out of my view but it looked like nobody knew what to do with the broken computer.  It seemed like nobody knew who was to take charge in fixing it.  One can almost infer they expected it to magically fix itself!

Three nurses spent time reacting to faulty equipment that could have been better used providing care to patients.  Instead of spending their creativity solving patient issues, they use it creating workarounds.

Lean thinking can help hospitals put systems into place to ensure equipment always works.  Procedures can be created for what to do when something is broken and how to handle.  Make things visual so staff doesn’t have to rely on memory or look up procedures because instructions are attached to the item being used.

Helping remove waste and frustration from those giving care with make a better experience for those receiving care.

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A Different 5S – For Babies

Since I am in “how to be a new Dad” mode before our baby comes in the next couple of weeks, I have been learning a lot.  I was surprised when I saw there is a 5S for infants in “The Happiest Baby On The Block” by Harvey Karp, M.D.  This book has come highly recommended from other parents.  This may not be Lean 5S, it definitely caught my attention!

Chapter 8 – The 1st “S” – Swaddling? A feeling of pure “wrap”ture
Chapter 9 – The 2nd “S” – Side (or, Stomach)? Your baby’s “feel-good” position
Chapter 10 – The 3rd “S” – Shhhh…Your baby’s favorite soothing sound
Chapter 11 – The 4th “S” – Swinging…Moving in rhythm with your baby’s needs
Chapter 12 – The 5th “S” – Sucking…The “icing on the cake”

I guess this is better than putting tape around the child with a label!

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Albert Einstein and 5S?

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein  This quote makes me think about 5S!

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