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Funny Escalations

I recently discovered this funny online webcomic 1.00 FTE.  This particular one reminds me of the waste of overburdening people.  An unreasonable request is made to a team and escalation is conducted to force it to action.

What is a better way to meet with senior management about this? 

  • Bring the senior leader to watch and talk with the team (gemba) to find out why they can not do the task.  There may be waste causing them to not be able to complete the task.  They may not have the resources or skills.  There may be other barriers for them.
  • Deeply understand the task that is being requested.  The task may not fit into the organization’s strategy or help your customer.  The task might not be worth doing right now (or ever).  It may just be someone’s pet project.  The team may have bigger priorities.

Keep on improving!

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When Visual Controls Go Bad

While this picture is a piece of artwork it made me think what your organization can look like if you view Lean only as a set of tools.  Losing the perspective of your system can easily lead to creation of complex and unusable solutions like this traffic light. 

 When I look at this traffic light tree, I picture one team adding one of the lights, then another team comes along and adds a light for their use, then a management team adds a third light to summarize what the other two teams lights represent, then more teams continue to add their light for their own use, and so forth.  While a new light may be a solution for each group individually, the net result is a confusing and unusable tool for the system.

When you set out to improve things, think about the needs and impacts to the system.  Take the time consider all options before acting.  It is not true improvement if you optimize one area but the result is sub-optimizing another.

Keep on improving!

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A Different 5S – For Babies

Since I am in “how to be a new Dad” mode before our baby comes in the next couple of weeks, I have been learning a lot.  I was surprised when I saw there is a 5S for infants in “The Happiest Baby On The Block” by Harvey Karp, M.D.  This book has come highly recommended from other parents.  This may not be Lean 5S, it definitely caught my attention!

Chapter 8 – The 1st “S” – Swaddling? A feeling of pure “wrap”ture
Chapter 9 – The 2nd “S” – Side (or, Stomach)? Your baby’s “feel-good” position
Chapter 10 – The 3rd “S” – Shhhh…Your baby’s favorite soothing sound
Chapter 11 – The 4th “S” – Swinging…Moving in rhythm with your baby’s needs
Chapter 12 – The 5th “S” – Sucking…The “icing on the cake”

I guess this is better than putting tape around the child with a label!

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Waste Of Breath: Wording Pet Peeves

In honor of National Grammar Day today, I want to share some of my favorite wording pet peeves for a little fun.  I am reaching to bring this into the lean world but there are overprocessing waste due to saying more than needed.

  • “Free Gift”: I have never heard of someone paying for a gift.  They are usually always free, no need to add the word.
  • I need to “respond back”: There is no way to respond in advance.  A response is always back to the person, so no need to add back.
  • I was thinking “in my head”: Where else would you think?  I can’t think in someone else’s head.
  • “Tunafish”: Just say tuna.  You never say halibutfish or salmonfish. 

Please share your wording pet peeves!

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Hilarious Comedian

I saw a great comedian this weekend.  He is clean and hilarious.  His name is Michael Jr.  Check him out!

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Every now and then – Funnny Cat Picture

more cat pictures

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