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A Different 5S – For Babies

Since I am in “how to be a new Dad” mode before our baby comes in the next couple of weeks, I have been learning a lot.  I was surprised when I saw there is a 5S for infants in “The Happiest Baby On The Block” by Harvey Karp, M.D.  This book has come highly recommended from other parents.  This may not be Lean 5S, it definitely caught my attention!

Chapter 8 – The 1st “S” – Swaddling? A feeling of pure “wrap”ture
Chapter 9 – The 2nd “S” – Side (or, Stomach)? Your baby’s “feel-good” position
Chapter 10 – The 3rd “S” – Shhhh…Your baby’s favorite soothing sound
Chapter 11 – The 4th “S” – Swinging…Moving in rhythm with your baby’s needs
Chapter 12 – The 5th “S” – Sucking…The “icing on the cake”

I guess this is better than putting tape around the child with a label!

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