Be Different

Youngme Moon is coming out with a book called DIFFERENT.  The attached 3 minute video (RSS readers may need to open post to view) gives a great visual overview of how businesses can be different.  The video was created by XPLANE, a company that I enjoy their visual communication.  The book looks like something the Lean community would enjoy.

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2 responses to “Be Different

  1. Good video, good ideas.

    It would be cool to have an A3 that accompanies that video, that uses the same visuals (the drawings) to tell the same story, but framed within the PDCA context of a standard A3 template. That would really hammer home the call to action.

    I don’t why I brought that up, but hey, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Michael, you are right on the money with the A3 idea. The countermeasure can be “READ THE BOOK”.

    Doing A3 has inspired me to learn more about visual communication. Videos like this show the power of communicating with just pictures and words. XPLANE did graphical scribing of one of our leadership summits and they have impressed me since.

    With A3, I love how people know what they are agreeing to or disagreeing with because of the visuals and all of the thinking documented on a single sheet.

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