Waste Of Breath: Wording Pet Peeves

In honor of National Grammar Day today, I want to share some of my favorite wording pet peeves for a little fun.  I am reaching to bring this into the lean world but there are overprocessing waste due to saying more than needed.

  • “Free Gift”: I have never heard of someone paying for a gift.  They are usually always free, no need to add the word.
  • I need to “respond back”: There is no way to respond in advance.  A response is always back to the person, so no need to add back.
  • I was thinking “in my head”: Where else would you think?  I can’t think in someone else’s head.
  • “Tunafish”: Just say tuna.  You never say halibutfish or salmonfish. 

Please share your wording pet peeves!

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5 responses to “Waste Of Breath: Wording Pet Peeves

  1. Irregardless – which is actually now in the dictionary due to it’s widespread misuse.

    Reconfirm – what’s the point in reconfirming if you can’t trust your first confirmation?

    I never really put much thought (in my head – not yours) to “free gift,” but it’s officially added to my list 🙂

  2. I have to say that making “irregardless” an official word in the dictionary is akin to calling a known inneficient process a “best practice”.

  3. Hilarious George (and totally true!)

    Rebecca – thanks for “reconfirm”. Now that one will bug me!

  4. Linda

    Pacifically, I love to hear a voice mail greeting which says “I’m away from my dest.”

    btw, the “irregardless” thing being in the dictionary now just creeps me out. is the definition “do not use”?

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