Bad Survey Is Waste

My wife and I bought a new laptop from a major chain retail store recently and I was shocked by how bad the satisfaction survey was.  As I was at the register, a surveyor approached me and offered $15 in gift cards to answer the survey.  The questions astounded me. 

  • “Do you agree or disagree that personal PCs are creative?”  My response- People are creative, not machines
  • “Do you agree or disagree that personal PCs are innovative?” My response- People are innovative, not machines
  • “On a scale of 1-10 from horrible to outstanding what is your impression of this location” My response- Is this question based on only today’s purchase or in general since I frequently shop at this one?  Surveyor – “Either”

Maybe I was tough on the surveyor because I have written surveys before.  I was surprised how the questions are written in a way where the responder may not understand what is being asked.  The questions were not specific enough for the company to have faith they can trust the results (in my opinion).

To make matters worse, the surveyor offered me another $5 gift card if I would participate in a phone survey at a later date.  I got the call this week.  I was asked the exact same questions!  I have no idea if they compared my store results to the phone results or if my responses count as two customers.

My 2009 Hansei: Scarcity inspires creativity and innovation.  How can I help harness that inspiration?

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