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Bridge Science And Art


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Are science and art related or totally separate?

I really liked this 15 minute speech by astronaut Mae Jemison from TED (RSS readers may need to open post to view video).  This speech reminds me to keeping moving past EITHER/OR thinking and finding ways for both conditions to exist.  I also like her formula: 

Understanding + Resources + Will = Outcome

This formula is perfect in my mind because it stresses the importance of understanding a problem/situation.  Stephen Few said “most poor decisions are caused by lack of understanding, not lack of data“.  How often do resources and a force of will get applied to problems without a deep understanding?

I admit that I never considered scientists as creative before I went on a tour at a research center almost a decade ago.  The hallways were lined with whiteboards so scientists can capture their thoughts and ideas when they spring from a conversation.  I heard a research scientist test one thing but found a whole slew of other applications they did not expect.  There is definitely a creative buzz for scientists.

I have worked with a lot artists and have witnessed how they can be analytic and precise.  Think of an actor who can deliver the same line like it is a surprise every night for two weeks!  Arts has the perception of being fluff to some of academia but the creative spark should be harnessed for future progress.

My 2009 Hansei: Scarcity inspires creativity and innovation.  How can I help harness that inspiration?

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