Ideal State Challenge

I have been reflecting to gain a deeper understanding of standard work and came across this outstanding article from 2007 by Jon Miller called Standards, Abnormality and the Ideal.  Please check it out because the concept of negative inventory blew my mind.  I think ideal states are easy shortchanged and this article really challenges you to think a bit farther and deeper for where you want to go on your Lean journey.

My 2009 Hansei: Scarcity inspires creativity and innovation.  How can I help harness that inspiration?

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  1. I posted this comment on the URL you suggest.

    I am 2 years late in responding, but I hope my example on Healing Space helps to clarify the thought.

    A healing workplace need not necessarily mean – fitness, etc. The best example I can give of is my previous job where I could not wait till Monday to get back to office. I had the freedom to innovate, create thought solutions, fail without fear, complete trust of my manager.The red herring was that I had decided to quit the job after an year to pursue higher education and it was known to everyone. So even though the job did not mean higher salaries, promotions I still gave it my best because I wanted to.

    The job helped me define myself, it gave me so much satisfaction that I was happy when I came home and shared that with everyone around. And that happiness only spread from me to my family to their associates.

    It was almost like the story in Fish. I enjoyed working, hated wasting a moment, metrics for everyday were – what have I contributed today that makes life for everyone affected better, what have I innovated, who have I motivated today, etc.

    It was indeed a Healing Space. It was a function of the leadership at that time and unfortunately could not be integrated into the organizational DNA. But it was nirvana while it lasted – give without expecting, seek attachment only to your actions – never to fruits of your labor, think big – think beyond you.

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