Mediocrity vs Pursuit Of Perfection

 In America, we are so results-based that it is easy to bypass the process of uncovering the root cause.  We spend resources of time and money trying to apply bandages instead of curing the actual problem.  I think organizations perceive Toyota Way principle # 13 as the ugly duckling they wish didn’t exist (“Make decisions slowly by consensus, thoroughly considering all options; implement decisions rapidly“). 

A Rapid Performance Improvement Workshop may meet in a week to make rapid changes, but there is a lot of work and time behind the assessment and planning prior to the team meeting to figure out what the problem is.

I drew this picture because I was inspired by Matthew E. May’s book, “The Elegant Solution“.  I am halfway through and am finding a lot of value in it so far.   He point about how getting things out instead of getting things right is a problem is something that can easily happen in a Lean enterprise.

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