2009 Personal Improvement Plan

I have finished my goal planning for 2009 and would like to share them with you.  Publishing has really helped me feel more accountable.  I hope you will improve with me in 2009!

HEALTH:  Lose 50 pounds via Weight Watchers plan.  I have already signed up and love their new Momentum plan and the fact that there is a great mobile ap for my Blackberry to track and find points.

FAITH:  Find a new church home.  My wife and I are looking for a new church to be planted in.  

RELATIONSHIPS:  Make it a point to have a date-night with my wife once a month.  We focused on this last year and loved it so we will do it again!  

RELATIONSHIPS:  Invest in our friends.  Life gets busy and stressful, but our friends are important to us.  We will be more specific in our time to ensure our friends are included.

EDUCATION:  Read at least 12 books.  I used goodreads last year to track what I read and have already started to build a list of seven books I want to read.  Let me know if you recommend any other books or if I should avoid one on my list.

EDUCATION:  Continue my PMP exam prep.  I am primarily using Cornelius Fichtner’s awesome Project Management PrepCast and await his update for the Fourth Edition of the PMBOK.

FINANCES:  Save an additional minumum of $1000.  Have more liquid moolah in the bank!

FINANCES:  Pay off one of my credit cards.  Pay it off and close it out!

COMMUNITY:  Teach a business skills class in my local area.  I need to find out where I can teach a class and then try to find a curriculum.  I strongly feel I can help people help themselves through encouragement and teaching useful skills.  

HOME:  Get storm windows.  Seattle winter this year is telling me how cold our house can be.

FUN:  Enter my Star Wars collection for display in this years Puyallup Fair.  Sharing my dorkiness with one of the largest fairs!

FUN:  Take pictures more frequently.  Continue the habit from 2008 to take more pictures and capture more memories.

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4 responses to “2009 Personal Improvement Plan

  1. Brilliant outlook for the year. Hope everything comes to fruition for you. Lots of similarities to the goals my wife and I set for the year. Best wishes!

    Subscribed to your blog, too.

  2. BTW…for your window goal…since I used to work at Pella Corp…you should check out their replacement windows. 🙂

    I also was going to read 12 books, but my wife looked at the rest of my goals and thought I should be a little more realistic…she’s probably right.

  3. Thank you for the encouragement Scott. I am subscribing to your site as well. You have lots of great content.

    12 books sounds like a lot – but it is possible. I did it for the first time last year. I was scrambling in December to read my last two but it is possible. Some were fiction and not all were long books. Those 100 page inspirational books have impact and you can polish it off in a weekend easily!

  4. Yeah, maybe I should pick some shorter books. Can I count the ones I read to my kids?

    I know it’s possible (my pastor reads over 300 books on his month off every year…no joke…and he actually retains stuff), I just have a short attention span and struggle to stay awake when I read. Argh. Good luck with yours. Looks like a good list so far.

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