PM Feedback Requested: PMBOK 4th Edition

The Fourth Edition of the PMBOK(R) Guide comes out today. 

Rich Maltzman, PMP from Scope Crepeis taking a poll on the LinkedIn Project Management Bloggers group for PMs and would like to know if you *care* about this, and your reasons for caring or not.

Using the following scale:

1. Exhilarated, Overjoyed
2. Excited, Very Interested
3. Mildly interested
4. Passing interest
5. Doesn’t mean anything to me

…please provide your rating number and a very quick rationale as to why you chose that number. Do you refer to the PMBOK Guide often? Are you using it to study for the PMP Exam and wonder how the test changes?

My response is # 2: Excited, Very Interested.  I have been studying the third edition to take my PMP exam in FEB 2010 with Cornelius Fichtner’s awesome Project Management PrepCast.  I am “nervously excited” to see how much rework I will need to do to catch up for the new version. I hope I don’t have to do what Yoda says and “unlearn what I have learned”!

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