Great Toyota In Japan Story

If you haven’t read it yet, go to Kevin Meyer’s post JKE Day 1: Toyota Kyushu – The Manufacturing Ballet.  His reporting of what he sees at a Toyota plant in Japan is fascinating.  I love the part about how problems are reported frequently and dealt with quickly.  His story should inspire any lean improvement leader.

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One response to “Great Toyota In Japan Story

  1. Thanks for the link to Kevin’s enlightening post about his experience on a tour at one of Toyota’s plants.

    I’m just in awe with how serious Toyota is dealing with their line problems. Can you imagine shutting the whole plant down if they can’t solve a line problem in a given time period? In some companies – and I guess in most, will not be able to follow this.

    Lean manufacturing is indeed a challenge during implementation – especially if the urgency of orders and the need to produce come into play.

    The true challenge therefore for companies in their lean journey – is how they decide in everyday issues that come their way. Do they stick to the theories learned from Lean MFG or do they go back to their old ways of doing things?

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