Great Chart Design: Starbucks & Good

Starbucks started a new program this week where they give a free short newspaper every week from GOOD.  The current issue has an outstanding chart due to the design.  Check it out here

Regardless of your stance on carbon emissions, this chart inspires me as a template for communicating data to base change.  I think Edward Tufte would like this dense chart.  Many times we push our explanation of data in presentations instead of designing charts to allow teams to pull their own assumptions.

I like the progression built into the chart.  It shows where CO2 comes from, the big picture (comparisons), the author’s interpretation of impact with awesome graphics explaining from bad to worse, and suggested next steps.  There is so much to look at, it allows the viewer to navigate to what inspires them the most. 

I know Excel can’t make a chart like this but there may be a possibility of posting similar graphics together in an area to come close to the same effect.

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