Guest Post: Andon’s & Project Management

I am excited to have written a gues post on Ron Holohan’s blog and podcast.  Please check it out:  How To Avoid “Stopping The Line” On Deliverables”.

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One response to “Guest Post: Andon’s & Project Management

  1. It didn’t look like there was a way for me to comment on pm411, so I thought I’d comment here instead.

    Great post, it reminded me of a post I wrote awhile back which appears to be an example of how you can implement a process to do what you discussed in the post.

    It basically involves setting up a CCPM deadline in front of tasks or milestones and serves as an early warning system. The PM always checks with the resources responsible for the task well ahead of the advertised schedule.

    Critical Chain Benefits from Traditional PM

    Josh Nankivel

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