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Watch Your Assumptions

By guest columnist Shelley J. Buck


Are your assumptions in check?  Have you placed assumptions on someone else – thinking “well they ‘should’ do that” – or could you be assuming someone’s being unreasonable about a request or task -thinking “they think I ‘should’ do that – ha!”? 


Here’s a question for you: Have you talked to that person about your expectations or theirs?  No?  Well stop shoulding all over yourself and others!


In all areas of our lives we’re making assumptions – both good and bad. It’s vital that we communicate and get the facts on the table as soon as possible. Take the time to talk it out. Once everyone understands the expectations, there leaves no room for guessing, hurt feelings or – for you LEAN people – WASTE! (time, energy, etc.)


Please have a conversation before you get upset with a boss, friend or coworker. I bet you’ll be happier with the outcome.

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