Lean Implementors: How Do You Describe What You Do?

I have been practicing Lean for 4 months now and love every minute of it. 

When I meet friends or strangers who ask what I do, I try to share my passion for Lean.  Usually my explantion is long-winded and technical which cause eyes to glaze-over.  When I try to be brief, they think I am a person who goes in and eliminates jobs.  Neither experience really captures what I do.

So I would like to question my readers for advice.  How do you describe implementing Lean in 60 seconds or less to someone outside of work?

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2 responses to “Lean Implementors: How Do You Describe What You Do?

  1. Three words: “process improvement consultant”. If that raises an eyebrow, I tell them I focus on Lean manufacturing practices which emphasizes the involvement of every person in the company, which usually gets a question of “how do you manage to do that?”

    If you start in with “Lean Manufacturing Consultant”, you usually get one of three responses: 1) eye glazing, 2) eye rolling or 3) eye’ve done that!

    Bryan Lund

  2. thanks for your comment Bryan! I was able to use your advice this weekend and didn’t get the glazed over look once!

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