How To Have Better Meetings

Art Petty on Management posted some helpful articles lately that I think are valuable.

1: The Meeting is Never for Decision-Making: A Product Management Lesson I Learned at Matsushita

The meeting is the ceremony.  All of the decisions are made individually.  You never want to show up at a meting that you called without having reached agreement with each stakeholder ahead of time … Leaders invest in people they trust and have a sense for, and the ceremony of a group meeting is the wrong place to try and build your trust and credibility. 

2: Leader: Are Your Meetings Straight Out of A Dilbert Comic Strip? 

3:  How to Improve a Dysfunctional Meeting Culture Without Removing the Chairs  

… rave against the time-wasting, dysfunctional debating society events that masquerade as meetings in many corporate settings … Keep the focus narrow.  Operations meetings are not strategy meetings and vice-versa … Manage the clock and the agenda maniacally … Every once in awhile, create meetings without boundaries for brainstorming, idea generation, market discussions etc.  Operations meetings and process meetings must run like clockwork.  Creative meetings are essential to feed the energy of the organization and the boundaries should be relaxed for these occasions.

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