Weigh-In Report Week 5

 Technically this is week 6 but I skipped weigh-in last week.  I am keeping the tally based on my weigh-ins and not the actual weeks.
I lost 3.0 pounds this week.  My total loss is 14.4 pounds.  I am at 27% of my 53 pound goal!
Things that went well:  I find I am not hungry.  100 calorie packs and almonds keep me going between meals without adding a ton of points.  I found a great local produce stand that has great fruits and veggies, I actually look forward to eating them!

Things I can do better next time:  I skipped last weeks weigh-in because I got too busy and didn’t take the time.  I have found that I need to make the time since WW is a lifestyle change.  My actions need to match my mental desire to do this!

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