Physician View Of Standard Discharge Time

How good are we at practicing nemawashi when we set out to create a standard hospital discharge time?

I applaud Bob Wachter’s candid post Average Time of Discharge: Why a Hospital is Not a Hilton.  Here is an excerpt that really stood out to me: 

I’m also prioritizing my work – though the hospital undoubtedly wants me to see potentially discharge-able patients first, that violates the first rule of triage: see my sickest patients first. Until the cloning thing gets a bit more advanced, I can’t do both.

Lean implementors can easily “side” with the management side of the house since a lot of our directives birth from value stream planning.  Work with your value stream managers and process owners to uncover needs before you are in the middle of a kaizen workshop!  Use feedback like Bob’s to create a solution that will meet patient needs first while complementing the business needs.

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