Weigh-In Report Week 4

I lost 1.8 pounds this week.  My total loss is 11.4 pounds.  I am at 22% of my 53 pound goal!

Things that went well:  I think I have a habit now!  During the week, I keep exactly on my points without ever dipping into my 35 flex points.  I knew I was going to have a low point dinner this week so I was able to eat a donut at a meeting!  Yumm! 🙂

Things I can do better next time:  OK, I didn’t need the donut.  At least I didn’t go over my points for the day.  I am slacking on the 5 fruits and veggies and will get back on that.  Weekends are still an issue for me since I never keep my eating plans (at least I am making them).  I get too relaxed on weekends and then always dip into my 35 flex points.  Yeah they are there to be used BUT I would prefer not too.

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