Does Technology Pay For Itself?

I recently read Promises of Productivity Are Often BS by John C. Dvorak.  Many organizations turn to technology thinking they will save a lot of money.  I think he makes a lot of great points. 

I disagree with “No matter what the experts like to think, the office environment is not like the assembly line, where you can make genuine tweaks to productivity.”  As Lean practitioners, we can always find waste (Toyota still does!) and make improvements. 

I think technology can pay for itself after a Lean transformation.  Don’t Automate Bad Processes by Ralph Bernstein points out how important it is to standardize before adding technology. 

Ensure quality and error-proofing are designed into the process(s) prior to implementing automation to increase ROI.  Work with the technology designers to put in autonomation.  Maximize the technology investment by only using reliable and thoroughly tested automation.

Tell me what do you think?  Does technology pay for itself or should organizations only use minds and not money?

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