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Weigh-In Report Week 2

I lost 1.8 pounds this week.  My total loss is 7.2 pounds.

Things that went well:  I ordered Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies before I started WW.  I looked at the box and 4 cookies are only 3 points!  Every day, I remove my 4 and break them up into smaller pieces so it feels like more.  I have been very good and stopping at the right time.  Just a couple months ago, I could have mindlessly eaten a whole tube of those cookies!

Things I can do better next time:  I love going out to eat on weekends.  During the workweek, I can manage easily since my desk and briefcase are stocked with all I need.  Open schedules and driving around to fun places on a weekend means I am not be as prepared for success as I could be.

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