How To Thrive When Your Company Goes LEAN

Your management team says your organization is going Lean … what are you going to do to thrive?  Here are some tips:

  1. Be empowered to make change – Ever complain about frequently reworking the same stuff or waiting forever for somebody to move a task forward?  You can now take action to reduce waste to make your life easier at work.  Work with your manager and show where the waste is and how you propose getting rid of it.  Be engaged!
  2. Don’t be married to your function – Your management should be respecting people and not using Lean to lay-off staff.  It is possible job functions may change and your role may become different.  See this change as an opportunity.  As knowledge workers, we only grow when we try new things.  Don’t be the person who refuses to be flexible.
  3. Encourage others – Change is not easy for a lot of people.  Be there to help your team deal with the improvements that are being made.  Many people focus on problems.  Look for the benefits of the change and share them with others. 

Recommended:  A Changing Workforce by Lee Fried

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