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Satellite Special

Do you know what a satellite communicator is?  Do you know how this concept can increase your success?

Satellite is a term for organizational communications.  This is a person or team that communicates with many groups in an organization.  In other words, satellites do not communicate just with people in their department or silo. 

I like knowing this term because it gives a good visual image of what you are trying to do.  This concept can help if you purposefully “launch” yourself to circle around and build relationships with other departments. 

Set up time with other teams to share organizational challenges and wins.  Work on being the bridge between your departments by asking what can be done to improve your working relationships.  Remember to circle back and report to your department the outcome of your meeting.

This worked really well for me with the billing department at my last job.  My department relied on billing for a lot of things and we began to notice a lag in getting things done on schedule.  After meeting with them, we discovered the timing they needed to get things done didn’t match what we expected.  Our department then factored in the timing which billing needed.  Even better, the timing became reduced as an outcome of our monthly meetings.

I am sure nobody is excited by the pospect of more meetings, but I feel satellite communication is critical to your success.  When you build a network throughout your organiztion, you become a “go-to” person.  You will also meet people who will help you in future tasks.  

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