Simple Thanks

How often do you take the time to send a quick thank you to the people on your project team? 

You can build great working relationships with a simple thank you.  Here are a few free or cheap ways to show your appreciation:

  • Thank you cardsKeep a box of blank cards in your laptop case and hand them to people who help your project succeed.
  • Send a positive email to their managerGive specific feedback to your team-member’s manager and let them how much you value their participation.  This goes a long way in a functional organization!
  • Internal recognition programsIf your company has an internal recognition program, nominate your team-member to win.  
  • Gift cards – Have a few low amount gift cards on hand for coffee or something fun. 

A simple thank you can go a long way.  You may work with the team-member again or someone else from their functional team.  This will help you build a reputation as a Project Manager who is great to work with. 

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One response to “Simple Thanks

  1. Hi Brian:
    I loved your posting regarding different ways of showing appreciation. I just got thank you cards today based on your recommendation. It is a great way of showing attitude of gratitude.


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