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Podcasts and blogs are great ways to increase your project management skills and knowledge. 

Ron Holohan’s recently had a podcast about project management web resources that has a whole lotta links I have never visited before.  He nicely listed all of the URLs in the show notes for us.  Go and add all of these links to your Google Reader immediately!!

My favorite new site I discovered from this podcast is the pm hut.  Their articles are very well written and relevant.  Please do yourself a favor and check it out.

Other web favorites of mine are, Cornelius Fichtner’s The Project Management Podcast and The Project Management PrepCast™(the latter is what I am using to help me learn the PMBOK and highly recommend for new PMs).  Thomas Cutting’s The Cutting Edge has great advice as well. 

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2 responses to “PM Online Resources

  1. Brian,

    Thanks for mentioning the episode on about PM web resources. I really dig your blog and would like to add you to our link list. Feel free to add our podcast under your Project Management links if you feel that could provide any value to your readers.

    Keep up the good work spreading the good word about project management!

    Ron Holohan, PMP
    Host, The Project Management Podcast

  2. Thank you Ron … I have added your link as a resource on my site because it will provide A LOT of value for the readers here.

    I like your podcasts and the detailed show notes you put with them. This is a very effective way to learn (auditory and visual).

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