New Job First Impression


I begin a journey with a new position in healthcare on a project management team applying lean to lower costs, improve workflow, and increase safety.  I do not begin until a week from now but I had an excellent first impression of my new organization.

I had to go in for shots before my start date (I feel like a pin cushion).  The bandages they gave me had Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck on them!  The kid in me is already excited to begin in a place that appears fun and caring!  

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3 responses to “New Job First Impression

  1. Hey, I found it. Looks cool. I’ve read a few things. How do you want me to post? Just in this comment box or do I go somewhere else? Let me know. I’m still navigating through your site. Very cool.

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  3. Good luck with your hospital work!! Feel free to email me through my blog if you want to do some online networking about hospital lean efforts.

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