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Virtual Team Gift Idea

Ever need a last minute gift for a project team-member in a virtual environment?  I recently had an urgent need to come up with something fast (see my recent post for the background).

Due to a quick deadline in the middle of people utilizing holiday vacations, I was unable to snail-mail a gift card.  My team-member works on the opposite side of the country in a state I have never visited and have no idea what stores are there anyways.

I frantically searched for an idea to proactively reward my team-member because I knew he had a lot of stuff due in a short amount of time (and was overworked before he was thrown into the project).

I discovered Amazon.com has a nifty email gift card.  I paid for the card and it was emailed to my team-member within a few minutes.  It gave him a code to use on their site immediately.  He called before he began his day and thanked me for recognizing all the work I was asking him to do!  He also completed his tasks first thing in his day.

I am sure there are other sites that offer similar email gift cards but this idea sure worked out nicely. 

I would like to make a special thanks to Cornelius Fichtner and Thomas Cutting for responding to me with advice to build my relationship authority with my SME, how to demonstrate my value of them,  and show that I was willing to go the extra mile.

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