Bring It On Home – WW Shopping


I am sure this is not a new idea, but I think it will work very well!  I have been reading a lot about outsourcing my life and found a neat way to save time and lose weight!  I am going to have groceries delivered to my house

My 2008 goals include following Weight Watchers, seeking healthier options, and increasing discernment in spending.  I feel delivered groceries will meet this criteria.

  • Proactively selecting my choices and menus will make WW easier to follow
  • Knowing my house has  food will help me choose healthier instead of hitting a drive-through or eating whatever is left in the house
  • My spending will be wiser because I will only select what I need and not be tempted by impulse urges that present itself at the store

My time is important and so is yours.  The most time you spend is in the initial set-up but most major grocery chains keep a running shopping list so making minor changes will be quick week-to-week. 

This outsourcing saves you shopping time which can be used for exercise, reading, or anything else you want to do! 

Image above is from BustedTees


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