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Project Management Advice Needed – Subject Matter Expert

I am developing my Project Management skills and could really use some advice.  Please leave a comment with any suggestions.

I work in a functional organization and have to transfer support from one Subject Matter Expert to a scalable team.  This has to be completed within a week.  The subject matter expert has already been working on a new product (hence the need to transfer support).  I looked to see if there are others who can provide the same information and it all comes down to the SME who is already working ten hour days.

My SME is back from vacation tomorrow and advised he is planning on dedicating his day to completing his deliverables (approximately 3 hours if uninterrupted).  Due to the other things that will happen once I get his input, the project will be delayed if he doesn’t complete his tasks tomorrow.

I have reached out to his Director to ensure he has time free to work on this project.  I know his peers are aware of the need to work on it tomorrow.  Is there anything else I can do to help my SME get his deliverables completed? 


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