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Prosperity and poverty in our life is a reflection of our thinking and the actions we take.

Steve D’Annunzio wrote about money in a perspective I have not heard before.

 “Money is called currency because it carries an energy current similar to electrical current. Like copper wire is a conduit of electricity, money is a conduit of value. The copper wire is conducting the electricity, but it is not the power it merely carries the power. It is the electricity that is the powerful thing, right? When you need to plug in a lamp, you do not look for copper wire do you? You look for an electrical outlet because that’s where the power is.  Similarly, money is not the power; it is merely the conduit for the real power which is value.”

My faith states the real power is God, but we must remember He gives us our talents.  Our talents and dedication to developing them will help us create the value Steve is talking about.

Being good stewards of our talents will increase our marketplace value and allow prosperity to flow in our life!

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