Value Meal


Increasing personal value is very important. 

Many people want a raise or promotion before they perform at a higher level.  I have found increasing my knowledge, skills, and productivity always results in something good.  Yes, there is a chance I am doing more than I am paid to do, but the rewards will come eventually!

Utilizing John Maxwell’s Law Of Duplication allows my growth as well.  Once I can develop others around to me to do what I can do, I am able to tackle new things.  These new ventures increase my value.

I recently worked on a project where the subject matter expert dug his heels into the ground and refused to share any knowledge.  Do you think this person was highly valued for his specialized knowledge?  A management opportunity for this person was taken away because he had to remain “in the trenches” since nobody else knew the product.  Think about the missed promotion and salary opportunity!

For further reading, I highly recommend the post How Easily Are You Replaced? by Stacey Douglas.


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