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Take Note!


HENRY: Well, he who finds the Grail must face the final challenge.

INDY:  What final challenge?

HENRY:  Three devices of such lethal cunning.

INDY:  Booby traps?

HENRY:  Oh, yes. But I found the clues that will safely take us through,in the Chronicles of St. Anselm.

INDY:  But what are they? Can’t you remember?

HENRY: I wrote them down in my Diary so that I wouldn’t have to remember.

Writing notes is a key success factor.  Even if you never refer to them again, it will help reinforce your learning.  I have conducted a lot of training and I notice the people who do NOT takes notes are usually the people who ask for help two weeks later.

One key I have learned is to always take notes like you are going to have to teach on the subject.  Tim Ferriss’s blog had some other great suggestions for note taking and indexing.

As Knowlege Workers we must do all we can to retain what we learn!   You never know when you will need to remeber how to overcome devices of such lethal cunning!

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